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Who we work with

At our practice, we believe in providing compassionate and tailored support to individuals and groups alike. Here's a glimpse of the people we work with:


Young Adults: We offer a safe and supportive environment for adolescents and young adults navigating the challenges of growing up and finding their place in the world.

Adults: From young professionals to seasoned individuals, we provide psychological support and therapy services to adults of all ages facing various life transitions and mental health concerns.

Couples: Our practice offers couples therapy to support partners in strengthening their relationships, enhancing communication, and resolving conflicts.

Families: We provide family therapy to help families navigate through challenges, improve relationships, and foster understanding and support among family members.

Front Line Personnel: We offer therapy services tailored to the unique stressors and challenges faced by frontline workers, including healthcare professionals, emergency responders, and law enforcement personnel.

Veterans: We provide specialised support to veterans, addressing issues related to trauma, PTSD, adjustment to civilian life, and navigating the complexities of military service.

LGBTQAI: Our practice is committed to providing a safe and affirming space for individuals across the LGBTQAI spectrum, offering support for issues related to identity, relationships, and mental health.

Athletes: We offer therapy and mental performance coaching to athletes striving to optimise their performance, manage pressure, and navigate the demands of competitive sports.

Company Directors and Senior Staff: We provide executive coaching and psychological services to support professionals in leadership roles, addressing workplace challenges, career transitions, and personal development.

Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals: We collaborate with psychologists and mental health professionals, offering consultation services, supervision, and support for professional development.

Professionals: We offer counseling and support services to professionals in various fields, including solicitors, accountants, and other high-stress professions, addressing burnout, work-life balance, and career satisfaction.

Groups: We facilitate group therapy sessions and support groups on various topics, providing a supportive community and opportunities for connection and growth.


At HPS, we are committed to providing confidential, non-judgmental, and personalised support to individuals and groups from all walks of life. Whatever your background or concerns may be, we are here to help you on your journey toward healing and personal growth.


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