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Attachment: Shaping Adult Identities

Attachment theory stands as a cornerstone in understanding the intricate fabric of human development. From infancy to adulthood, our early experiences with caregivers sculpt the foundation upon which we build our sense of self, our relationships, and our worldview. Spearheaded by pioneers like John Bowlby further developed by Mary Ainsworth and expanded upon by scholars like Patricia Crittenden, attachment theory illuminates the profound impact of our earliest connections on the adults we become.

The Influence of Early Bonds

In the crucible of infancy, our interactions with primary caregivers set the stage for our emotional regulation, social skills, and coping mechanisms. Secure attachment, characterised by consistent responsiveness and emotional attunement, fosters a sense of safety and trust, empowering individuals to explore the world with confidence. In contrast, insecure attachment patterns, whether anxious, avoidant, or disorganized, may sow the seeds of relational strife, self-doubt, and emotional turmoil that reverberate throughout adulthood.

Patricia Crittenden's Contribution

Building upon Bowlby's foundational work, Patricia Crittenden introduced the Dynamic-Maturational Model (DMM) of attachment, offering a nuanced understanding of attachment classifications and their developmental origins. Crittenden's model emphasises the adaptive nature of attachment strategies, shaped by both genetic predispositions and environmental influences. By elucidating the interplay between attachment patterns and individual differences in temperament, trauma, and culture, the DMM provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the diverse pathways to adult attachment.

Unveiling the Adult Self with AAI and DMM

At Harmonia, we recognise the pivotal role of attachment in shaping adult identities and relationships. Through the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) and the lens of the Dynamic-Maturational Model (DMM), we offer a transformative journey of self-discovery and understanding.

Our Services

  • AAI Assessment: Engage in a structured interview process guided by trained professionals, delving into your memories, emotions, and reflections on early attachment experiences.

  • DMM Analysis: Benefit from expert analysis of your attachment narrative, employing the Dynamic-Maturational Model to elucidate the underlying patterns and adaptations shaping your attachment style.

  • Personalised Insights: Receive personalised feedback sessions to explore the implications of your attachment patterns for your relationships, emotional well-being, and personal growth.

  • Integrated Approach: Merge insights from attachment theory with evidence-based interventions, drawing upon mindfulness, narrative therapy, and trauma-informed care to support your journey towards greater security and resilience.

Embrace Your Journey

Embark on a voyage of self-discovery and transformation with us, as we navigate the terrain of attachment and illuminate the pathways to healing, growth, and authentic connection. Embrace the power of attachment to unlock the full potential of your adult self and cultivate relationships grounded in understanding, empathy, and profound intimacy.


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